A take away from the dog days

  • Forgiveness sets you free.
  • Think before you speak, act or judge.
  • Everything you put out in the universe is like a giant boomerang. Its coming back at you, sometimes faster than anticipated
  • To be alone is to be alive. To be self-reliant is to be fully aware.
#happysummer #huntingtonbeach
07.07.14 /14:39
#happysummer #huntingtonbeach
07.07.14 /08:21
Santa Monica, California. 
05 Jul 2014
07.06.14 /18:34
La Brea Affordable Housing by Patrick Tighe Architecture
07.06.14 /18:32
daily essentials…all black everything
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one wilshire
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03.17.14 /17:25
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